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Fines come into force today for lane hogging and tailgating. 16/08/13

New laws come into force today that make it an offence to tailgate or hog traffic lanes.

Police now have the power to give on the spot fines to drivers who they believe are driving too close to the vehicle in front or spend too much time in the middle or outside lanes of a motorway.

Drivers will be given the option of either an on-the-spot fine of £100 and 3 points or going on a driving course.

As well as these new measures, a number of fixed penalties have gone up. Road safety minister Stephen Hammond said that the fines had been increased to "reflect the severity and the seriousness of offences".

Changes to fixed penalty fines:

  • The penalty for failing to give way, obscuring registration number, stopping on the hard shoulder, misuse of headlights and sounding horn at night has gone up to £50

  • Using a mobile while driving, speeding, reversing on a motorway, not stopping at a red light has gone up to £100

  • Failure to display tax disc, not wearing a seat belt when driving, driving without an MOT certificate has gone up to £100

  • Failure to identify a driver is now £200

  • Driving without third party insurance is now £300

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