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Motor Accident?

Fraudulent road accident claims

Fraudulent or 'fake' road accidents cost UK insurance companies millions of pounds every year, and these costs are ultimately passed on to you the motorist in the form of increased insurance premiums.

These types of insurance fraud are often carried out by organised criminals who 'set-up' or 'stage' road accidents that may in the first instance look genuine to the outside observer, but have in fact been carefully choreographed.

The accident usually involves 2 or more vehicles, one of which 'sets up' a situation where the second car has to break suddenly, causing the innocent victim following behind to 'rear end' the criminal’s car. The criminal’s car will typically have several people in it who will then all claim for some kind of injury compensation. They may even have arranged for other people to 'witness' the accident to support the claim.

How to avoid being the victim of a staged accident

All criminals tend to take the 'easiest' or 'safest' route when it comes to choosing their victims. This often means they will pick on elderly victims who may not be quite so 'streetwise' to their activities. At the other end of the scale they may also pick on younger inexperienced drivers who may be easier to deceive or intimidate.

Either way making yourself and your friends and family aware of these kind of activities is a good step. But probably your best protection against these kinds of scams is to stay vigilant and drive defensively.

This essentially involves observing the behaviour of the drivers around you carefully, and keeping well clear of anyone who is trying to drive suspiciously close to you. Try to keep plenty of space in front of your vehicle, this is good driving technique in any case as it gives you plenty of time to think and brake safely.

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