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Motor Accident?

Tracing the owner of a vehicle

If you are involved in an accident, the law states that you should exchange your contact details with the other parties involved so that the insurance and liability issues can be resolved.

Making a note of number plates of vehicles is also good idea just in case someone deliberately gives you false information and the owner of the vehicle needs to be traced.

A person may give false details at the scene of an accident for a number of reasons. They may not be insured, the vehicle may be stolen, they may have been drinking or they may just realise that the accident was entirely their fault and do not want to face the music.

If however you made a note of the vehicles number plate, it may be possible to trace the owner of the vehicle.

Using the number plate to trace the owner of a vehicle

If you find out that the details you were given at the scene of an accident were false or the other vehicle just drove off, you should contact the police.

If you managed to get the number plate the police will be able to check it against various databases and hopefully retrieve the owners details. From this information they should then be able to establish whether the vehicle was insured and if so, who with.

If the driver is not insured, then you should speak to your claims advisor or insurer as they may be able to help you pursue a claim via the Motor Insurers Bureau. This is an independent organisation funded by the insurance industry to help the victims of uninsured drivers to still be able make a claim for damage to property or compensation for injuries.

Can I get a vehicles owner details?

A private individual can request this information directly from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, however you will have to provide a valid reason for doing so.

If you believe you have a valid reason to do this then you will have to supply them with the make and model of the vehicle as well as the full registration number. For further information on the application process visit the DVLA website.

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