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Driving advice for older drivers

Thanks to todays healthier lifestyles and better health care, we are all living much longer active lives. It's estimated that the number of drivers over the age of 60 could increase significantly in the next decade, but although having a wealth of experience behind the wheel is great, your senses won't be as sharp as they used to be!

In the UK the drivers licence expires at the age of 70. After that age a driver will have to renew their licence every 3 years and also be able to fulfill the DVLA's eyesight requirements and notify them of any medical conditions that could affect their driving ability.

If you have concerns about an older driver, it may be a relative, a friend, or even yourself, you may want to consider the following factors:
  • Slowing of reaction times to traffic situations or road signs

  • Problems with spatial awareness or positioning of the vehicle

  • Issues with hearing

  • Being unaware of the effects of new medications

  • Difficulty in interpreting signage and traffic signals

Contrary to popular opinion, most older drivers do not pose a hazard to the average road user. It is usually the younger impatient driver that causes problems! Despite this fact, it should be bourne in mind that the older generation sometimes do not realise that their faculties may no longer allow them to be safe on the road.

Older drivers should visit their doctor regularly, and report any medical conditions to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) if they want to avoid accidents, and stay safe.

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