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What are 'cats eyes' or road studs used for? 17/10/13

Commonly known as 'cats eyes' the reflective markers on road lanes have a specific purpose depending on their position on the road and also their colour.

The technical name for a 'cats eye' is a road stud. The colour of the road studs used helps drivers identify the edges of the road and other road features that may not be normally be very clear at night or in poor visibility.

How reflective road studs or 'cats eyes' are used:

  • White studs mark seperate lanes or the middle of the road

  • Red studs mark the left edge of the road

  • Amber studs mark the central reservation of a dual carriageway or motorway

  • Green studs mark the edge of the main carriageway at lay-bys and slip roads

  • Green/yellow studs indicate temporary adjustments to lane layouts, such as road works

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