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Motor Accident?

How to avoid skidding and having an accident

A skid happens because of a sudden loss of traction on the road surface, this can make you lose control of your vehicle and swerve dangerously. Skids are usually the result of driving at excessive speed for the road you are driving on, or for the weather conditions. Skidding can be extremely dangerous and is often the cause of car accidents.

Avoid turning too quickly. If your vehicle is travelling at high speed and you turn too quickly, the back end of your vehicle can swing out into a skid. Always enter a corner at an appropriate speed and brake if necessary before doing so. If this type of skid occurs, it is possible to recover control by applying pressure to the clutch and then turning the steering wheel 'into' the direction of the skid.

If your wheels 'lock-up'. This can happen in wet or icy conditions if you apply the brakes and nothing seems to happen. The easiest way to avoid this is to take extra care with your speed in poor weather conditions, and also leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front - so if it does happen, you have more time to take avoiding action. In good weather conditions always allow a 'gap' of at least 2 seconds between you and the vehicle in front, in wet or icy conditions this should be at least doubled.

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