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How to use controlled level crossings. 30/09/16

We are all familiar with railway crossings, but do you know the highway code rules for using them?

Controlled railway crossings have twin flashing red stop lights and one amber steady light. There will also be an audible warning for pedestrians and usually full or half barriers.

  • You MUST stop when the flashing red warning lights are active

  • When you stop you must stay behind the white line acroos the road

  • If the single amber light comes on and you have already crossed the line - KEEP GOING

  • NEVER reverse on to or over a level crossing

  • You must WAIT if a train has already passed and the lights continue to flash, as this means another train is coming

  • ONLY cross the level crossing when the lights go off and the barriers have opened

  • NEVER attempt to zig-zag around half-barriers or you could be struck by a speeding train

  • If the crossing has no barriers, ALWAYS stop behind the white line as this means a train is approaching

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