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Motor Accident?

Replacement Taxi Credit Hire

Car Call UK and our partners help thousands of Taxi drivers every year, providing like-for-like replacement vehicles following non-fault accidents.

If you run your own private hire Taxi or even a fleet, Car Call UK and our partners can ensure that your business continues to run smoothly should your Taxi be involved in a road traffic accident.

Why use our Taxi Claims Management Solution

Relying solely on your insurer to provide assistance after a collision can have many disadvantages for a Taxi business.

  • They may not be able to provide a suitable like-for-like replacement Taxi at short notice

  • You may not be allowed to have your vehicle repaired at your preferred Accident Repair Centre

  • It is likely you will have to pay your excess before your vehicle is repaired

  • Trying to communicate with a busy insurer can be slow and frustrating

We manage your non-fault accidents differently

We operate independently of any insurer, so we and our partners recover our costs and yours directly from the insurer of the person responsible. This means you will have no excess to pay and your next insurance premium should be unaffected by your non-fault claim!

What services do you provide?

We provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure that the impact on your business is kept to the minimum. Our team of UK based claims advisors are always on hand to arrange everything for you and ensure things run smoothly. We deal with all calls promptly and never leave our customers on hold.

We arrange the following services for you:

  • We can typically provide like-for-like replacement plated Taxi within 3 hours of starting your claim

  • The damage to your vehicle will be assessed by an independent automotive engineer

  • Your repairs will be carried out at one of our network of approved accident repair centres

  • If you have a preference, work can be carried out at a repairer of your own choice

  • We will arrange legal assistance for loss of earnings or injury claims

  • Your non-fault claim will be reported for information purposes only to your insurer

So, if you just have one Taxi accident claim or if you would like us and our partners to manage all your Taxi claims, simply call 02392 484 244 and we will be happy to provide a tailored claims solution for your business.
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