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How to join a motorway. 25/08/16

When you join a motorway from a slip road, it's important to remember that it is you that has to 'adjust' to the traffic flow on the motorway, and not the other way round.

Build up your speed on the slip road to match the speed of the traffic on the motorway, other drivers will be more likely to 'let you in' if they can do so without adjusting their own speed too much.

As you build up your speed on the slip road check your miirors and start to indicate in order to warn the drivers behind you and on the motorway what you intend to do.

Try to glance over your shoulder briefly on your way down and see if there are any large gaps in the traffic flow, and adjust your speed accordingly.

If your gap in the traffic is still available, adjust your speed in the acceleration lane and move accross into it. Most good drivers on motorways will attempt to move into the middle lane of the motorway to make it easier for other drivers to join at slip roads, or sometimes flash their lights to let you know they will let you in.

If for some reason your gap has 'disappeared' you may have to slow down again and look for another one. Never be tempted 'jump-in' and cut in front of another vehicle, this is what causes accidents. If no gaps are available you will have to come to a gradual stop, and wait for a very large gap to appear. You will need plenty of time to build up your speed again on the motorway without impeding other drivers.

Joining a motorway safely is not difficult as long as you show respect to other drivers, it is those drivers who are impatient who cause accidents. If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, we can help you get your vehicle repaired, organise a hire care for you, and even make an injury compensation claim on your behalf.

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