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Motor Accident?

Terms and Conditions

Car Call UK look to independently provide helpful advice and assistance for anyone involved in a collision.

Our claims advisors will take details and look to suggest a course of action for your particular situation.

We will record the details of the incident and where appropriate process the claim on your behalf.

If your vehicle is un-roadworthy, depending on the circumstances and information supplied we may be able to supply a like-for-like replacement vehicle for you to use until the repairs to your vehicle are complete or your vehicle is deemed to be a total-loss. If your vehicle is roadworthy we will look to provide a replacement vehicle whilst repairs are taking place.

We will look to appoint an independent automotive engineer to carry out an inspection of the vehicle and determine the extent of the damage.

We can arrange for an approved Accident Repair Centre to carry out the repairs to your vehicle, or you can specify a repairing garage of your choice.

We will look to keep you informed of how the claim is progressing.

Car Call UK do not provide legal advice, this will be provided by your appointed solicitor.

If necessary we will look to appoint impartial legal representation for you from our panel of specialist motor claims solicitors, however you are free to choose an alternative solicitor should you wish to do so.

If the collision is not your fault we will look to arrange the recovery of your losses from the at-fault vehicles insurer. This is dependent on the circumstances of the collision and each claim is treated on an individual basis.

Any member of the public, customer or policyholder can use this service, and it is your legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle.

We are here to help and assist you, all assistance offered and information given is provided by Car Call UK and your statutory rights are unaffected.

Should you have any questions, queries or comments please contact us directly, details can be found of how to do this on our contacts us page here.
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