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Motor Accident?

Car Call UK Dealership Products


Car Call UK and its partners offer a range of Accident Aftercare products to suit any dealership
or group, a brief summary is shown below:

Car Call UK - service is everything to us!

  • Free of charge Accident Aftercare Services help promote further brand loyalty
  • Dedicated customer claims Help-Line number answered as your Dealership
  • Dealership branded Accident Aftercare literature
  • Car replacement for all your non-fault customers within 3 hours
  • Ability to badge protect car delivery solely for the brand you sell
  • Simple, effective, easy to use extension of your existing services
  • Vehicles delivered directly to the customer, no credit card swipes
  • Generate increased revenue for Dealership and any on site ARC
  • Labour rates from £40 per hour, low bottom line discounts
  • Ability to capture all fault/non-fault repair work for any on site ARC
  • Increased labour rates for PAS 125 and Manufacturer approved repair centres
  • Transparent Management Information provided monthly
  • Commission package bespoke to your business allowing you to both incentivise
    and add to your bottom line
Car accident injury claims and legal advice