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Motor Accident?

Car Call UK Body Shop Products


Car Call UK and its partners provide Claims Management services tailored to the individual needs
and size of any Body Shop or Accident Repair Centre, we and our partners offer you:

Car Call UK - delivering a difference!

  • Car replacement for all your non-fault customers within 3 hours
  • Vehicles delivered directly to the customer or Body Shop, no credit card swipes
  • Labour rates from £40 per hour, low bottom line discounts
  • Full payment of your final invoice within 14 days
  • Increased labour rates for PAS 125 and Manufacturer approved repair centres
  • Transparent Management Information provided monthly
  • Commission package bespoke to your business allowing you to both incentivise
    and add to your bottom line
  • On site training and on going support from our regional sales team
  • Option of literature personally branded to your company and products
  • We also guarantee to contact your customer within 30 minutes of a referral
  • Assuring every customer of our best attention at all times
  • Refer your claims by phone, email, or fax


Car accident injury claims and legal advice