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Safe driving near large vehicles

Large vehicles such as trucks, vans and articulated lorries are a common sight on our roads. Although they may sometimes seem like an inconvenience to car drivers they are actually some of the more courteous and respectful of road users.

Driving such large and unwieldy vehicles on a daily basis means that they realise that a little courtesy and respect can be returned many times over if they find themselves in awkward or difficult situations. When driving a vehicle of that size - you need all the help you can get!

Situations to look out for

Roundabouts and junctions. When negotiating a roundabout or junction with a vehicle that is four or five times as long as the average car it causes it's own special set of problems. Bearing in mind that some people have trouble manoeuvring something only 4 metres long it's worth showing a little respect and patience if you come across a lorry struggling to get around.

Large trucks and lorry's often have no choice when getting around a roundabout or junction but to take up more than one lane. If you are behind a large lorry as it approaches one, stay back and let them have some space to manoeuvre, if you don't you may end up making things difficult for yourself and everyone else.

Bridges. If you are approaching an arched bridge over a minor road, you may be confronted by a large lorry waiting on the other side. This is because the only way they can get through safely is to take up both lanes and drive along the middle of the road. Be patient and stop a good distance from the bridge to let them through.

Overtaking large vehicles. This manoeuvre should be done with great care. If you intend to overtake a long vehicle, don't drive too closely to the back of it and indicate early. Remember that if you cannot see the wing mirrors of the truck then the truck driver can't see you.

Obviously if you are overtaking a long vehicle it's like overtaking 3 or 4 cars at once, except that if there is something coming halfway through your manoeuvre you will have no chance of getting out the way. This should only be attempted on a very long stretch of straight road where you can clearly see that you have enough time to make it passed safely.

Large vehicles and wet weather. When driving behind a large vehicle in rain or on a wet road there will often be large amounts of spray thrown up. This can cause your visibility to suddenly be reduced which can be dangerous. Either stay back from the vehicle or make sure your wipers are on to avoid problems.

High winds. High sided vehicles such as vans or lorries are very susceptible to being blown off course in high winds. Think twice before passing them in these conditions, especially on exposed areas of road.

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