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Safety advice for female drivers

From time to time we hear news stories women being intimidated or attacked when they are out driving alone in their cars. This can sometimes make people think that these kind of attacks are more common than they actually are. Despite this it is still a good idea for lone women drivers to take precautions to avoid putting themselves in vulnerable situations when they are out and about there cars.

Stay in contact

If you are making any journey in your car alone it is always a good idea to ensure that someone knows where you are going and when you are likely to get there. It should be someone you trust who you know will call you to check everything is ok or make further enquiries should you not arrive within a certain time. Of course if you are likely to be late for any benign reason then you should let them know.

Keep your mobile phone with you at all times and keep it charged. Phone chargers that work from your cars cigarette lighter are fairly inexpensive and can be used in any vehicle - it could be worth investing in one.

If you don't already have one, consider buying a small personal alarm to scare off a potential attacker and keep it in your car.

Keep your car doors locked when you are driving or at least be able to lock them in a hurry if you need to. There has been an increase in car-jacking crime in recent years and you may be vulnerable, even sitting in a traffic queue.

Always park your car in a well lit area if you likely to be walking to it at night.

Protecting yourself if you are attacked

UK law states that you are allowed to use reasonable force to defend yourself against an attacker. This means that you can use objects you have with you to defend yourself but you should not carry offensive weapons.

You may wish to carry a personal alarm which produces a loud tone when activated or if you are in your car you could also use the cars horn to ward off a potential attacker.

If you break down

Get signed up with a breakdown recovery service and keep the number in your mobile phone. Most recovery operators will give your call priority if you let them know that you are a female travelling alone.

Lock all your doors and if it is safe to do so (ie. you are not on a motorway hard shoulder) and sit on the passenger side of your vehicle. This will make any potential attacker think that you are waiting for another person to return to the car and hopefully deter them.

If you do break down on the motorway it is safer for you not to stay in the car as your vehicle is vulnerable to being hit by other traffic. You can however stand behind the crash barrier but still stay close enough to your car to be able to get back inside and lock the doors if you feel threatened.

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