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Motor Accident?

Injury compensation claims and why
you should wear seatbelts

Thousands of injury compensation claims are made every year for serious injuries in road traffic accidents. Despite advances in vehicle safety technology the seatbelt still remains the most important piece of safety equipment in your vehicle.

Incredibly though it may seem, research has shown that 22% of drivers still don't regularly wear their seatbelts when driving. These figures are bourne out by recent statistics which have stated that almost a third of fatalities on our roads involved drivers who were not wearing seatbelts.

Its a simple fact that whatever type of acccident you are involved in, you will be safer wearing a seatbelt. They not only halve the risk of a fatality or injury, but they will help your airbags to be more effective in an accident.

Drivers who are thrown out of their vehicles in road accidents are often killed or severely injured. The fact that you are held in place not only stops you from doing this, but also helps prevent you coming into contact with the steering wheel, windscreen or any other solid parts of the vehicle which could cause serious injury.

A vehicle hitting an obstruction will come to a stop almost instantly. The inertia involved means that a driver or passenger will continue moving at the cars original speed until something stops them. In the case of a rear seat passenger this could mean that the only thing that stops them is the front seat and the person sitting in it. The rear seat passenger (even a child) can literally become a lethal projectile, often killing or injuring the person in front, and themselves.

Seatbelts also help drivers to control an unstable vehicle by keeping them securely in their seat.

Assuming the basic interior structure of the vehicle is intact, the seatbelt wearing driver or passenger can at worst expect severe bruising from the belt straps or possibly a whiplash or whiplash related injury.

How to make an injury compensation claim

A whiplash injury can be both annoying and distressing to anyone who is the innocent victim of a careless driver. At Car Call UK the solicitors we work with specialise in dealing with all types of injury claims, including compensation for whiplash.

You can be assured that we will always look to achieve the best possible compensation settlement available to you.

If you require it, we can even arrange for your damaged vehicle to be repaired and provide you with a quality replacement hire vehicle.

If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you may be able to make an injury compensation claim. Please give us a call on 02392 484 244 or start your free claim enquiry online using the button below, and one of our experienced claims advisors will be happy to assist you.
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